Controlled breeding

As i was walking home from the bus-stop, my mind was idling, and i thought of the most ingenious idea ever.

If S’pore has problems with the mosquito population, why not have controlled breeding? Lay out huge pools of still water to attract mosquitoes to breed, and kill off the larve by clearing the water every few days (within the life cycle of the larve)! Then we would have fewer mosquitoes over time??

Ain’t that a possible solution???

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Is a year of many firsts:

1. First year (out of 27 years) that someone comes to my house to 拜年.

2. First time i went to the Botanical Gardens, having not been there before in 27 years.

3. First time i signed up for language lessons outside of school. I will be taking German language lessons come 26th March!

Hope to have more “firsts” in 2008!

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so i met her today.

it was just to exchange her xbox game and mine.

Hi, this is yours and that is mine, thanks. see you and take care.bye.

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American Gangster

So sad… I have free tickets to watch American Gangster this Saturday, but there is no one who is free to watch with me… 

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Last few days of 07…

- I watched a movie, I am Legend, on 28-Dec-07, FOC with Dad and Mum. The folks think its a rubbish movie, i enjoyed it (maybe coz it was free? hahaha) though i didn’t understand why he had to die by sacrificing himself. Someone told me that if he didn’t die, then he won’t be a legend. But he will die eventually of old age rite?? Then he will still be a legend! Idiot.

- I went to attend a Fish concert, on 29-Dec-07, with EASH. It was my first concert after 5 yrs (last i attended was Ah Mei’s 2002 concert, yea, it was really that long ago), and even though Fish has a nice voice and nice songs, she doesn’t have the stage presence like Ah Mei. Guess i would have to wait for her next concert then. EASH wanted to go to the concert to see the special guest, who was Ah Xin from Mayday, rather than go for Fish. What rubbish. Idiot.

- Maria Sharapova Live! Back at the Indoor Stadium on 30-Dec-07, this time round with my Dad who had free tickets to the exhibition match. Well, as usual, when its free, the seats are shatty, right at the top of the Indoor Stadium, where Maria was sooo tiny. But i can’t complain since its free right? Was very one-sided in the first game, and i think SGreans are kinda un-sophisticated. Someone shouted: Go Maria! then the other end of the stadium would shout back: Go Anna! I felt so paiseh can…what if Maria and Anna think that we are a bunch of LC idiots?? Idiots!!

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Happy new year…

2007 sucked big time, let’s hope 2008 is way better… thou i feel the first few days of 08 might be horrible as well…haiz…

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yeah, finally have the chance to go there! hope the weather holds up!!

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New begining

Today was the start of work at the new company.

Things seem fine and dandy now, and i hope it stays that way for a long time.

Just heard news that if i had stayed on in the old company, i would have been in HK again, this time for 2 weeks. Haha… 

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HK again!

Heh, HK here i come again!

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Biz Trip to HK

Haha, isn’t it ironic that in my 2 years with the company i have not gone for a single overseas engagement, but in my last week of service i am actually on an overseas engagement?

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